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Для неинвазивного исследования

Patient 17 years old, congenital edentulous lateral 1.3 1.2 and 2.2 teeth (lateral incisors and canine teeth) In the transition period, the patient wore a removable prosthesis in order to mask the defect. There was a planned implantation in zones 1.3, 1.2, 2.2, with simultaneous installation of temporary teeth. After 3 months, the temporary teeth were replaced with permanent ones.

patient reviews

Danara Kurmanova

Alma-Ata, 43 years

I want to express my deep gratitude to the true professionals at the Sanare clinic. Dr. Sergey Ovanesyan tried very hard to smooth out all the unpleasant sensations associated with dental procedures, very careful treatment and treatment, I am glad that I turned to this clinic, then I had an upper jaw implantation for 4 days. Thank you very much! Well done! I would recommend!

Milena Yanuzova

Azerbaijan, 27 years old

I came specially to the clinic "Sanare", I heard a lot of good reviews from friends. My teeth were like a rabbit, for many years complexes because of this, until she got to doctor Sergey Ovanesyan, he delivered me from this defect using veneers. Now a smile does not leave my face. Thank you very much!!!

Sofia Voronova

Russia, Moscow, 37 years

I am very pleased, excellent clinic, equipped with the latest technology, very impressive, you can see what the clinic is investing in its development. I am treated with new technologies and it doesn’t hurt at all, and I fear pain as I fear, for me anesthesia comes first! I was treated by Sergei Ovanesyan, a real pro, attentive, he does everything at the highest level and does not hurry anywhere. Over my every tooth pokladoval conscience! I do not regret that I came from far away, treated all my teeth and inserted 8 implants.

Inga Rozanova

Vladikavkaz, 26 years old

Put the veneers with Sergey Ovanesyan in the clinic “Sanare”, an incomparable specialist, He takes his work very responsibly, very attentive and scrupulous, and this is now a very rare thing! These doctors are not afraid to trust their teeth. I don’t know where to go, but now, for any questions, only to Hovhannisyan! Specially I select vacation and I combine it

Maria Podenezhnaya

Moscow, 29 years

Good day. I would like to thank this clinic. I come once every six months specifically to Sergey Ovanesyan, he was advised to me as an excellent specialist, I entrusted him the fate of my tooth (periodontitis). I chose this clinic because I know that not everyone will cope with my problem, retaining the central tooth. At 29, she could not lose him and therefore needed a professional in her business. I don’t even want to discuss prices ... The cost-benefit ratio is obvious, and the clinic staff is beyond praise. After the rest I go again to bring to mind the rest of your teeth !!!) I don’t need other doctors, I’m definitely going to be treated only here.

Julia Mira

London, 43

My husband and I visited the Sanare dental clinic. I liked everything very much! Friendly met. The clinic is modern, the atmosphere is cozy and calm. I liked our doctor very much - Sergey Hovhannisyan, polite, neat, attentive specialist. The treatment was carried out absolutely painlessly and efficiently (nothing bothers 3 weeks after admission). I examined my husband and calculated the full cost of the future treatment, so to speak, "turnkey". Prices, by the way, are very reasonable, do not bite. Very happy! I recommend to everyone!

Janina Meles

Latvia, 28 years

She chose a clinic for a very long time and she needed treatment and prosthetics. In the opinion of friends, I decided to choose the Sanare clinic in Batumi and did not regret it. Greatly grateful to all the employees of this clinic. The whole team is wonderful, all very responsible and friendly. Special thanks to Dr. Hovhannisyan Sergey, he is a real professional in his field and just a wonderful person. I would also like to note the high-class equipment at this clinic, very impressive! The results are very pleased! Thanks again to the entire clinic team! I would recommend!

Maria Wansteiner

Germany, Cologne, 31 years

I live in Germany, and I come to Georgia for treatment in Batumi, we have treatment and prosthetics very expensive and friends They advised me to the clinic “Sanare” and Dr. Sergey Hovhannisyan. Two weeks ago they installed an implant, it was very afraid, but everything went well. The operation itself took about 15 minutes, for about 24 hours a little ache, but nothing was swollen and for a couple of days the gum was sensitive. In general, without any complications! I hope that everything will continue fine!

Lia Tkvarelidze

Tbilisi, 26 years

I would like to once again thank and recommend an excellent specialist in the clinic “Sanare” Sergey Hovhannisyan. It was on his recommendation that a one-step implantation was made, and then a zirconia crown was installed. It looks very aesthetic, and most importantly naturally. All the treatment, the doctor supported me, gave useful advice and answered a bunch of my questions (by the way, I was very worried). I am very glad that I came to you!

Joseph Brodsky

Israel, 45 years old

He chose the blade for a long time and carefully, stopped at the clinic “Sanare”, liked the approach and professionalism, I have 3 teeth with treatment and 9 implants. In my country it would be three times as expensive! I am very pleased, went through the first stage of treatment, the second meal in the summer!

Renata Mamedova

Batumi, 35 years old

This is our favorite clinic, we are discussing here with the whole family, including children, very satisfied, the atmosphere is “at home”, children are not afraid to treat their teeth and walk with pleasure! Recommended to all friends!

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